Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rayon Shirt with Mudcloth

A very comfy shirt. Looks good with slacks or jeans.
Long sleeves with cuffs
Mudcloth accent gives you an Afro-centric look.
Size 2X

Chocolate Shirt

If you like chocolate you will love wearing this shirt. It is made of wonder chocolate colored silk-like fabric that has a striped design woven in. It is long sleeved, with stand up collar.
For neck size 16 1/2.

Vest Front 2 Piece Leisure Suit

This 2 piece leisure suit will surely be a comfortable change for all of you that wear a suit and tie everyday. The fabric is easy wear, it has a herringbone-like design in it, with pinstripes. You can wear this suit anywhere, it looks dressy and casual. If you want to show off your chest then you don't need to wear a shirt under it. It has lapels in front like a vest.
Size 2x long
Slacks waist goes up to size 44. The slacks come unhemmed. Tell me your inseam length and I will hem the slacks, with or without cuffs.
Price: $150

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Newest Shop on Etsy

I would like to talk about my newest shop on Etsy. Well I started to just post these new items I created in my regular etsy store but then I decided to open a new shop. My husband has been giving me some ideas for men's shirts. So I thought that I would make some shirts and casual garments for men. I will be posting more. My idea is to use fabrics that are different and that are usually not used for making men's shirts. Come back and visit again to keep up with what I am doing. And also go to the new shop.