Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ojore' Gets His Quilt

I have to say that I feel so good today. Finally finishing the quilt that I made for my grandson and also getting it sent to him. He received the quilt on March 24, 2 weeks before his birthday! I told his mom to go ahead and let him open the package because Granmommy could not wait to see him with it. Thank God for modern technology! Being able to see the pictures right away is truly a blessing. He said "I can lay on it and look up at the clouds" He also recognized all the trucks he told his mom "I think I see a excavator" to tell you the truth I did not know that I put one one the quilt. I thought they were all trucks. LOL He is so smart. It took about a year to make this quilt and to think with 17 grandchildren and 11 great-grands, Granmommy has a lot of work to do.