Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Featuring Tote Bags

Right now I am featuring tote bags in my Etsy shop. Yesterday I got carried away with this idea of taking the silk cuttings from my serger and arranging them on fabric. I covered it with tulle and free-motion quilted the top. What happened was I was serging some silk scarves for another project and when I got ready to throw out the cuttings they looked so beautiful that I just could not throw them away. So I decided to make something out of them. They add great texture. Please visit my shop to see more details.

Just Shirts

Right now I am featuring shirts in my Bobby Joe S40 Designs shop. My husband and I are working together to design unique and exciting shirts for men. You might think, what can you do different with shirts, well click on the link to our shop and see what we have designed so far. I hope that you will like what you see.

Here is a sample of what you will see there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cotton Fields

Yesterday my husband and I went to visit his sister and on the way to her house we passed several cotton fields. Finally as we got closer to his sister's house I could not hold it any longer I made him stop the car so that I could get out and go and touch the cotton growing. I could not believe that cotton actually grows just like the balls you get at the drug store. YOu know the cotton balls that we use to cleanse our faces, I know that there is more of a process to it than just picking the cotton and using it. I went on a search to find out more about the process and found some very interesting articles. On article talks about how the cotton is picked then separated from the seed. There are certain machines that are used for this process and you can read about them in on this website called Cotton's Journey. Of course I took these pictures so that anybody that has not seen cotton growing up close and personal here it is through my eyes. One day I will go to the fields when I see the cotton trucks out there picking and processing. Until then here are some photos I took.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Caramel Cake

One of the mothers at our church made me this awesome caramel cake. I don't want to cut it. It is so beautiful. She makes the best caramel cakes. Anyway here is a photo of the cake. I know that you would love a piece also. I wish I could share with you because you know I cannot eat this whole cake. I think I will freeze most of it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Sudoku OOPs

I had the idea to work out a sudoku puzzle on the back of a jacket. So I made 9 squares of 9 colors and tried to work the puzzle without refering to the book. I had a book of sudoku puzzles but do you think that I would have taken one of those puzzles and created the grid from that? Oh no. I tried to do it myself as I made the jacket. Anyway I thought I had the puzzles solved but if you look close enough you can see that I have two of the same pattern in the same line. That is why it is called Sudoku OOPS. But you will have fun creating your own sudoku puzzle. You might want to start with a pencil and a book of sudoku puzzles.
Here is my jacket, you can view it on my webpage, it is the jacket at the bottom of the page.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What a mess!

Have you ever started a project and it just went all wrong? Nothing turned out the way you wanted it to. Well that is what happened to me yesterday, I started a pair of men's trousers, I measured and measured because I really wanted them to turn out great. Well when I got the front of the pants done, they were about 2 inches smaller than they were supposed to be. Then the back was 2 inches shorter, what happened? So I tried to ease in as much of the front but the side seam looked crooked. I did not want to take out any of the pleats so the front of the pants is goint to look funny if I use it anyway. I used a Vogue pattern and I used the size for 36inch waist, but no matter what I do the size is not going to come out to a 36 inch waist. It is alot smaller. So I think I am going to redo the thing and cut out the 38 for the 36. Anyway I just folded these pants and put them aside for a few days, I haven't given up ong the pants but I sure had to put them aside for a while. I think I will go and work on something else and come back to it later.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coming soon also

Everyone loves to give beautiful handmade blankets, whether they are quilted, knitted, or crocheted. My sister Betty designs the most beautiful knitted blankets, that will be seen on my website very soon. I have some talented sisters and you will be seeing alot of their talent at work on my website very soon.

When you can't have a real dog.

Well I have never wanted a real dog, but I love dogs. I have only owned 2 dogs in my lifetime. But I do like dogs. But the other day I went over to my sister, Betty's house and another sister, Paulette was visiting from Iowa, and Paulette was making these fluffy cute little doggies out of yarn. At first I thought that they were real little dogs but come to find out, they were little yarn dogs that you can sit on your bed or on your couch. She made one for me and I set him on my couch, sometimes I set him on my bed, then sometimes I set him on the bottom step. Makes me feel like I have a little puppy that is getting under foot. You can have one too. Just go to my Etsy shop and you will see them for sell there. Or you can find them on my website. As you can see they come in all colors, you can even request a color.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poem by Sark

I have always loved this poem by Sar
Stay loose.Learn to watch snails.Plant impossible gardens.Invite someone dangerous to tea.Make little signs that say yes!And post them all over your house.Make friends with freedom & uncertainty.Look forward to dreams.Cry during movies.Swing as high as you can on a swingset, by moonlight.Cultivate moods.Refuse to “be responsible.”Do it for love.Take lots of naps.Give money away.Do it now.The money will follow.Believe in magic.Laugh a lot.Celebrate every gorgeous moment.Take moonbaths.Have wild imaginings, transformative dreams, and perfect calm.Draw on the walls.Read everyday.Imagine yourself magic.Giggle with children.Listen to old people.Open up. Dive in.be free.Bless yourself.Drive away fear.Play with everything.Entertain your inner child.You are innocent.Build a fort with blankets.Get wet.Hug trees.Write love letters.

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Earrings

My daughter, Aimee, made me these earrings. They match my outfit perfectly. We had a very nice day at church. Yes I made my outfit. And I also made the vest that Bobby has on.