Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

I just want to say Happy New Year and want to thank all of you that have followed my blog.  I know that I have not always been good about updating my blog but many of you have continued to follow.  I have my own computer now which makes it easier to update my blog because now when I get a serge of ideas to post on my blog I don't have to wait til someone else(DH for one) to get off.  Then I forget what I wanted to post.
Speaking of that, I don't know why I don't write this stuff down.  What makes me think that I am going to remember what I wanted to write 3 days ago, let alone a month ago, for that matter 1 hour ago.  I have a note book right there on the table in my sewing room and I still didn't write down what I wanted to say.
This year I promise I am going to make sure I keep my posts going.  Not to say that I will post every day but I will be posting more often.
I love sharing what I make and fabrics that I find with other sewers. I love to sew and I love anything that has to do with sewing.  I want to try every gadget or tutorial that I see.
In my sewing room there is a poster by Sark that I bought a a garage sale about 14 years ago.  It is called "How To Be An Artist".  I love that poster because when I say to people that I am an artist, they always ask me what I paint, or what do I draw, or what university I went to.  Well if being an artist means that I have to have gone to an art school then I can say I went to the University of Sark and here's my diploma.  If you ever read what she says about being an artist you will see that to be an artist you just have to be you and love what you do best.  I can sew, I love to sew and sewing is my art form.  Fabric is my medium.
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Anyway that is all for now, until next time.  Please leave a comment it is nice to know that someone has read your blog.