Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Before Christmas Sale and Trunk Show

Right now there is a sale going on in my Etsy Shop! You are invited to come browse and purchase anything in my shop at a whopping 30%off. So if you have been eying one of my one-of-a-kind items at 30%off. To get your 30% discount just go to my shop and purchase your item at regular price (using PayPal), and then I will immediately return your discount amount. If you choose to pay with a money order, you can send the amount minus the discount. Also receive free shipping within the Continental USA. So this is a great time to purchase your original design by Stormee's Ultimate Designs.
This sale ends November 30, 2008.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Scrappy Jacket

This is the Scrappy Jacket that is listed in my Esty shop. I thought I should model it myself. I grabbed a bag of my silky scraps and sewed them all together (randomly) then I cut out the jacket. It was interesting how it came out. I also lined the jacket with a soft coral silk fabric. I also hand sewed small square (plastic) crystal beads all around the band and sleeves. This jacket is so nice, it is light and airy and you feel good when you wear it because it does not feel like you have anything on. If I look good in it you know you will too. If you want to purchase the jacket, you can leave a comment on this blog, go purchase the jacket and I will give you 25% discount. Just purchase the jacket (using paypal) and I will refund you the 25%, what a bargain.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Acts of Fans Quilt

This quilt started me back into the world of quilt making. For me, I think I have been making quilts all my life. I don't remember a time in my life when sewing was not the center. My grandmother quilted and won a few competitions with her quilts. She used to have me sit with her cutting pieces for her quilts. Each piece has to be precise. As I grew older I turned my intrest to making clothes. Then I started making quilted jackets and I really love making them. Each jacket that I make comes out so different from the last. Each one that I make, makes me want to make another. I love blending the colors and finding colors in fabric that don't come to life until you add another color with it. So when my Quilts and Heirloom team presented the fans challenge on our blog I decided to take the challenge and make a quilt. We was supposed to do 36 squares any size.

So I cut 36 squares and used the crazy quilting technique on each of the 36 squares. I will tell you that after about the 10 square I was ready to quit. But I don't like to start and not finish so I kept on going. It took about 4 days, to crazy quilt the 36 squares, I did 9 squares a day. Then I sewed the squares together randomly. I did not try to match colors or angles. As I finished each square I turned it upside down so that I would not try to coordinate it with the one I was working on. That is how I came up with the name "Random Acts Of Fans" I love the way it looks sporatic and unconventional. I also made a pillow that looks so prettly with it. It is a small quilt, 48 X 48 inches. Just big enough to cover your legs while you watch tv. I made one for my friend and she uses it at work to cover her legs from the air conditioner she says it is the perfect size. I am often asked how long it took for me to make a quilt. Well this quilt took me about 1 week. I try to do projects that go fast, that is what keeps my art interesting. Thanks for checking out my blog. Please visit my Etsy shop for more details about this quilt and to see some of my other designs I have available.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sudoku Quilt

After I did the Sudoku Oops with the jacket, I wanted to follow with the Sudoku Quilt. This time I started with a Sudoku puzzle that was already solved. Then I cut squares from 9 different fabrics,put them in piles and gave each pile a number from 1-9. Then used my (solved) puzzle to arrange the top. Now what I had to do was sew together 9 nine patch squares. It was easy, I got a little carried away and the last square that I put in was upside down. But that was the great thing about the way I put the quilt together because it was easy to take that one square out and turn it around. The part I really enjoyed was the free-motion quilting. I did not do any handstitching on this quilt, thank God for free-motion quilting. I like making small lap quilts. I am not ready to commit to large bed quilts. I like to get done in a couple of days. I love the way the colors came together on this quilt it is bright and cheerful. You can go to my Etsy shop to get more details.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I love Paris Swing Jacket

I have always loved the swing jackets, I was going through some old photes in my family album and came across a photo of my mom in this swing jacket, it was a black and white phote so I don't know what color the jacket was she had on. It looked like it might have been white or off white. I always loved the way my mother looked in that jacket with it's big cuffed sleeves. So I decided to recreate that jacket. I made my jacket with denim fabric. Also I used a method where you cut the denim full of small holes, then wash the piece so that it frays, then quilt it to another piece of fabric. I used denim as a backing fabric for this project and I free-motion quilted the two layers together. Then I used that piece for the facings for the jacket and the cuffs. It gave a very nice contrast. I then lined the jacket with beautiful bright green satin lining. Oh and then I added a bag. You won't be able to resist it. It is so nice. And the denim is so soft.
Now that I live in Paris, Tennessee we have an Eiffel Tower Replica which I found to be a very nice spot to take pictures. My friend Yolanda, was a willing model and I think she complimented my swing jacket very well. Visit my Etsy shop for more information and pricing.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

USS General Simon B Buckner

When I was about 10 my mother, siblings and I left Germany on a naval ship. We left Bremerhaven Germany and came back to the states, landing in New York 11 days later. The ship was so big and I always remembered it. I remember the name of the ship
(the USS General Simon B Buckner). With this great technology called the internet I have been able to find a picture of that ship and wow, it does not look as big as I always pictured in my mind. I remember a bad storm and I remember calling it a big boat and the sailors telling me that it was not a boat. What an adventure for us. My dad had told me to make sure I ate and kept my head up so that I would not get sick. And that is what I did, my mother and siblings all got sick but I did not, I ate every meal. And I remember eating the most delicious meals. One day my Mother was too sick too go to dinner so my brothers, sister and I went to dinner alone, I ordered apple pie ala mode. I had always heard about it
but had never had it before. I did not know that it was apple pie with ice cream on top. My brother's laughed and laughed at me, my mother have made that for us so many times. Anyway this is a picture of that ship. Click here to see the ship.