Friday, February 15, 2008

Black and White/ Carole's Jacket

This is a jacket I made for Carole. She sent me a box of black and white fabrics she had been collecting and asked me to create a jacket for her. When I started the jacket I thought that it was going to be easy because I thought that using just black and white would be so easy, but the prints on the fabric were so busy and energetic that I found that it was just like using color. I was grateful that Carole had already picked the fabrics she liked because I did not have to worry about putting too much energy into the one piece. If you ever get a chance to meet Carole, you will see that she and this jacket belongs together.

1 comment:

bokay said...

Hey Doreen,

As usual another fabulous creation!!! I could see that jacket with a black swirl skirt, some black boots and silver assesories and I am good to go :-)

Now girl I alway put your design right back on me. Keep those juices flowing.

Love Ya!