Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Cinderella Dress

I call this The Cinderell Dress because it is going to take a special person to wear this dress. It is a beautiful sundress, with beads down the back. The fabric content is 95% cotton with 5% lycra for a little stretch. It would not fit my mannequin so it is for someone whose hips are about 32-34 inches. The waist is 30" the length is 38"If it is too big, you can easily alter it, or have it altered. And guess what! It is free, if you are the "Cinderella" that can fit into this dress it's yours. I just need you to pay the $8.95 for shipping (through PayPal or RME). So all you Cinderella's get your tape measures out. The first one to respond and pay the shipping, receives the dress. It is a beautiful dress I would just like to have someone wear it before the summer is over. You can comment on this post if you are Cinderella.


Lisa-Needle Wood Designs said...

Wow, do I wish I was Cinderella! If I were, I'd have my fairy godmother shrink my hips a smidge (or two) so I could wear it. What a deal! This is a gorgeous dress!

Waterrose said...

How lovely and whomever the cinderella is...will be a very luck person!