Saturday, March 14, 2009

I know that I have been neglecting my blog lately but I just did not have anything to write about. But then I signed into my entrecard account today and it cost 16 ec to advertise with me. I thought "wow I had better get busy" So if you are reading this post you might as well get over to your account and sign up to advertise while it is cheap.

I did want to share that last month I made 2 queen sized t shirt quilts and a full sized t shirt throw with the left over t shirts. Now I know that you remember one of my other posts where I talked about making a quilt for a customer that brought over 67 t shirts. I ended up making her the two quilts using the fronts and some of the backs of the t shirts but since I had all those backs leftover I did not want them to go to waste so I sewed them altogether and made a throw, I didnot put backing or batting so that is why I called it a throw but guess what I forgot to photograph the throw. But here is the quilt. And now you know that I was not just sitting here playing free-cell all day. Ha Ha just told on myself.

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Duni said...

What a cool quilt! I love it. What a unique idea!
As for the advertising...I got a message from Entrecard that they are planning some changes starting next week. As far as I know we won't be able to advertise for credits anymore.

Thanks for for stopping by my blog.
Wishing you a happy Sunday!