Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prayer Bag

I started making these little drawstring prayer bags a few years ago, I also made little books to go inside them. Then I would give them to people and ask them to pray for each of the people whose names were in the book. Then I asked them to add names if they wanted to or words of encouragement or their favorite scripture then pass the bag on to another prayer warrior. The idea was that you would be praying for people and situations that you know nothing about and someone you did not know would be praying for you.
Well a couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail, it was a little beat up but guess what was in it---one of the prayer bags, it had been in circulation since 2005 it had been as far as California. I was so excited. I have decided to begin my prayer bag ministry again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pretty Flowers

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I just posted some new pictures of my little home on flickr. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I also have pictures there of my house before the flowers and the trees bloomed. What a difference a season makes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Q.U.I.L.T Guild (Quilters United In Lasting Tradition)

I joined this group of quilters last December. After the first meeting I was hooked. Not only on the group but also hooked on the idea of quilting. I say "idea" of quilting only because I have not really dug in made a quilt yet. But I have helped with a couple of the projects that the group has done. One of the on-going projects that the guild has is the Cuddle Quilt Project, the guild donates about 100 quilts a year to Labana and St. Judes Childrens Hospitals for children with cancer. Some of the quilts that are made by the members are also donated to the hospital here in Paris, Tn.

We have some other fun events also, like our May birthday party, where we celebrate the quilds' anniversary and all the members' birthdays. On May 7th we celebrated by drawing names and each of the members bought the person whose name was drawn $15 worth of fabric. We each wrote down the colors we wanted and the person we drew was supposed to get the color they wanted. There was a lot of wonderful color combinations given.

Also at this same meeting we ooooed and ahhhhed the beautiful batik fabrics and quilts that Diane of Batiks by Design brought in to show. She had totes and totes of fabric and quilts that were delightful and inspiring. You can go to her website for more information and to see her beautiful fabrics and quilts.