Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prayer Bag

I started making these little drawstring prayer bags a few years ago, I also made little books to go inside them. Then I would give them to people and ask them to pray for each of the people whose names were in the book. Then I asked them to add names if they wanted to or words of encouragement or their favorite scripture then pass the bag on to another prayer warrior. The idea was that you would be praying for people and situations that you know nothing about and someone you did not know would be praying for you.
Well a couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail, it was a little beat up but guess what was in it---one of the prayer bags, it had been in circulation since 2005 it had been as far as California. I was so excited. I have decided to begin my prayer bag ministry again.


Char / Stitchary! said...

I love these bags. They are so pretty!

starry said...

What a wonderful idea!