Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Backyard in December

I looked out my back window today and what did I see?
All the leaves have fallen off the tree (trees)
Just a little poetry for my readers, no I am not a poet and I know it. But I was just amazed at the way the backyard looked with no greenery. To me it is still beautiful, the trees have such unique shapes, that wooded area in our backyard looks so mysterious but not so mysterious that I feel like I should be out in it. And I don't feel that I need to go explore what is in those woods. The other day there was 3 deer out there. I tried to take a photo of that but by the time I got my camera they had gone. I love looking at nature.

Also today Bobby (my husband) and I went to church with his dad. He asked me "don't you have enough pictures of us? I don't think we ever get enough pictures of our loved ones. Dad is looking real good for 83 years young.