Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Get Back To Sewing After a 2 Month Vacation

Well here it is February, we got back from our vacation in December and this is the first month that I have had so many projects going at once.  It is very hard to get back in the flow of sewing and designing new creations when you have been on a long vacation.  One thing I did before I left was reorganized my sewing room, that was not such a good idea, why? When I returned and tried to get started, I could not remember where I put everything. Ha ha. I had rearranged so well that it took me a week to get everything back the way it was so that I could find it. I know it doesn't make sense to you but it does to me.
On thing I made was this vest for my husband. He asked me to make him a vest to go with a suit he had and I looked through my stash and found this beautiful upholstery fabric. It goes perfectly with his suit.

This is a close-up of the fabric.

A real nice fit.

Looks nice with the suit.

I also made this 3 piece linen ensemble and have listed it in my Etsy Shop.  You can check it out there and also check out some of the other items I have listed there.

It is really a cute outfit.

I love the buttons they really make the fabrics come alive.
Check out my shop to see all the pieces. This is a very comfortable easy going suit and you will feel so cute in it.
I had to just get myself in gear and get back in the groove.  Every day after my vacation I did a little more than I did before.  I reorganized my sewing room, and went through all my fabrics to remind myself what I had.  Also before I left I had a stack of things that I wanted to make, so I just pulled one thing and started working on it. I did not try to finish it right away. I did not want to put any pressure on myself.  I did set some new goals and challenges for myself.  Just taking it a day at a time. But guess what, it is time for another vacation.

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Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

Lovely vest. It matches perfectly with the suit indeed. Great job Stormee.