Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crocheted Doilies

When I was younger my mother crocheted doilies, she said that crocheting keeps her hands busy. Lately I have gotten the crochet bug again. I love making doilies. I think that they are nice gifts to give. My mother and grandmother could crochet a couple of doilies in one day. I am not that good. I have been trying to find easy patterns to try.

Another thing about doilies is that crocheting them helps me to think. When I have a designer block, or artist block, I start crocheting and then creativity comes. It really helps me think. Now when I just need to think I start crocheting and it helps me stay focused. Here are a couple of doilies that I have made.

So if you are a writer and you have writer's block, pick up a crochet hook, you don't have to make doilies, you can make a afgan or a sweater. I like making doilies.

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Anonymous said...

This is a pretty piece that adds a softness to a wood table. I think mine is bigger. I would like to have one to put on my Butsudan.