Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When you can't have a real dog.

Well I have never wanted a real dog, but I love dogs. I have only owned 2 dogs in my lifetime. But I do like dogs. But the other day I went over to my sister, Betty's house and another sister, Paulette was visiting from Iowa, and Paulette was making these fluffy cute little doggies out of yarn. At first I thought that they were real little dogs but come to find out, they were little yarn dogs that you can sit on your bed or on your couch. She made one for me and I set him on my couch, sometimes I set him on my bed, then sometimes I set him on the bottom step. Makes me feel like I have a little puppy that is getting under foot. You can have one too. Just go to my Etsy shop and you will see them for sell there. Or you can find them on my website. As you can see they come in all colors, you can even request a color.

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Lisa-Needle Wood Designs said...

These little dogs are the cutest thing ever. We are adopting a little girl from China and I think maybe we need to get one of these for her room! I need to figure out what color I want - um I mean what color she would like :)