Friday, September 5, 2008

What a mess!

Have you ever started a project and it just went all wrong? Nothing turned out the way you wanted it to. Well that is what happened to me yesterday, I started a pair of men's trousers, I measured and measured because I really wanted them to turn out great. Well when I got the front of the pants done, they were about 2 inches smaller than they were supposed to be. Then the back was 2 inches shorter, what happened? So I tried to ease in as much of the front but the side seam looked crooked. I did not want to take out any of the pleats so the front of the pants is goint to look funny if I use it anyway. I used a Vogue pattern and I used the size for 36inch waist, but no matter what I do the size is not going to come out to a 36 inch waist. It is alot smaller. So I think I am going to redo the thing and cut out the 38 for the 36. Anyway I just folded these pants and put them aside for a few days, I haven't given up ong the pants but I sure had to put them aside for a while. I think I will go and work on something else and come back to it later.

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Lisa-Needle Wood Designs said...

That is so frustrating when you really want a project to be extra nice and the whole thing goes wrong. Putting them aside for a little while is a good idea. This is why I gave up sewing clothing. It's just too complicated for me. I do much better with things that do not have pleats, pockets, collars and button holes! I'll let you in on a little secret. The only button holes I do are for my husbands boxer shorts because he likes to button them up. LOL I will do those because nobody can see them!!