Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More from the Q.U.I.L.T Guild

We had our monthly Q.U.I.L.T (Quilters United In Lasting Tradition)It was a good meeting. We worked on the quilt that we are making for one of the members. I helped to cut some of the strips. I did learn how to get my pieces cut very straight. That is the one thing that I love about this group and that is everyone is very generous with information. I brought a cuddle quilt for show and tell and for donation to the children's hospital the only thing is I got a couple of places underneath that buckled and one of the members gave me a hint on how to keep that from happening. Then I learned how to join my binding on the bias that is a wonderful hint that I have been using in a lot of my garment sewing. This is the quilt that I made for the children's hospital.

Also in the guild we all wear name tags and we made our own tags. At this meeting I decided to take some photos of some of the name tags because they are so interesting the different ideas that each person had for the name tag.

Also last weekend I had the opportunity to watch my friend Mary make this beautiful wedding cake for her son that got married. Mary makes delicious cakes and this cake was sooo good. I have so many talented friends.

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