Friday, June 19, 2009

Beaded tapestry denim jacket

Beaded tapestry denim jacket
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When I received a box from my aunt containing some of the sewing items of my grandmother's, I was thrilled. It contained lots of items that Grandmother had collected through the years. I will blog some of these later.
One of the items in particular was what looked like a work in progress. It was a shirt all cut out and ready to sew. The back of the shirt had this beautiful tapestry (I did not know what else to call it) on the back. Grandmother had beaded parts of the jacket, I thought it was so beautiful, at first I tried to finish the shirt, but the tapestry was a little heavy and it made the shirt hang funny. So I cut the tapestry from the materiel and created this jean jacket which holds the tapestry well. I decided not to trim the shirt fabric because it was so pretty. I added some more trim and not this jacket is ready to wear.

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Crystal Raen said...

Beautiful as always!!!