Monday, November 3, 2008

Endless Possiblities

Since I moved to this little town of Paris, Tennessee, I have not tried to market any of my work around town, until one day I was walking downtown in the city sqaure and came across this cute little shop called Endless Possibilties. I thought it was a great name for a shop. So I went in and talked to the owner. She was standing behind the desk in a daishiki, I thought "this is a good sign" so I talked to her about me displaying some of my work in her shop. And she was delighted. So here it is, I just wanted to share. She not only features artists in the area but you can also bring in furniture and antiques. Not a junk shop. So my artwork looks very nice on her shelves. I thought I would start out with just my boxes first and I also put a vest in there. I think I will add my bags next. So if you happen to be in Paris, TN, stop in Endless Possibilities for a visit.

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twenty pound tabby said...

Cool! You may do better locally than on Etsy. I do WAY better locally. I think a lot of people prefer to see, feel and try on cloth items before they buy. And good workmanship shows up better in person. too.