Monday, November 24, 2008

Late Autumn in Tennessee Part 2

Ok the vote is in, I will make a kimono style jacket out of this beautiful piece of fabric. Thank you everyone that voted, that helped alot. The next time I make a piece like that I will do another poll. So stay tuned. Here is a picture of the fabric I am going to use. It will be a lined jacket and I will use a soft maybe sheer fabric for the lining. Also here is a picture of the style of jacket I plan to use. When using this kind of fabric, the less detail the better.
Would you like to have one of these jackets in your wardrobe collection? What would you wear it with?


Sweetwater Designs said...

absolutely! it's the work of an artist..gorgeous.

Gufobardo said...

very very interesting!

Carnation said...

you are very artistic! i like the colors and designs of your fabrics.