Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogging and Sewing

I have been blogging for a few months now and it is fun. Although when I created this blog I did not know what I was doing and even still didn't know what a blog was. I still have a lot to learn so if you have any suggestions for me, I will be glad to read them. I don't know what a rss feed is, or a blog feed. So if you can explain it to me I would appreciate that.
I really wanted to talk about sewing in this post because that is what this blog is about, The Sewing World of Stormee. I hear some people say "oh I sew" but do they say, "I love to sew" so when I hear the "oh I sew" then I think of sewing on buttons or a rip in the seat of your pants that you sewed up. But when I hear "oh I love to sew" then I think about wearable art. I think of couture sew, a master tailor, seamstress. You see, you have to love it. There is so much you have to do to get ready to sew. Picking fabrics, deciding what you are going to make with it, then measuring cutting it out, getting all the seamlines and darts marked and measured, making sure your thread matches. Then the other thing is making what is in your head manifest. Sometimes I have great ideas but then if I chose the wrong fabric then I have a mess. Your seams have to be straight, if your fabric is striped then you want to match the stripes as much as possible. But sewing is a lot of fun. Just like blogging. The more you do it the more familier it becomes and then you learn not only to like it but to love it.
Like this jacket here I call it the I Love Paris Swing Jacket now I just love the fabric that I used to make the facings and sleeve cuffs. It is denim that has been poked full of holes then washed. What you get then is a piece of holely denim. Ha Ha. What I did was put a piece of fabric behind it and topstitched all over it. It gave a beautiful 2 dimensional look. Then I just so happened to have some denim that is the same dye lot as that holely denim, or at least it matched perfectly. I really wanted it to be a beautiful jacket so I really took my time and worked each part of this coat like my mom was going to come in any second and do an inspection. Now that is a whole other blog post. My mother was the person that taught me to sew, and when I did not do something right she would just take that seam ripper and rip it out, tell me what I did wrong, then tell me how I was supposed to do it then make me go back and do it all over again. I tell you I hated to see that seam ripper come out. But I tell you that now if you ever purchase anything from me it has the "Patricia Brown Stover Washington" seal of appoval on it. That means not seam ripper was used. I am only saying that each garment you purchase from me is very carefully and well made. I got off the subject of the jacket. This jacket is so good looking on, it has nice deep pockets and it is lined with that pretty lime green satin lining. You will love wearing it because it can be your most causual jacket because it is denim and it can be dressy because of the style of it. I know that it is hard to see the workmanship of the jacket in pictures but I can assure you that if you purchase it you will be so glad, because when you see how much work was put into it you will be amazed and will feel that you got quite a bargain. Oh and did I mention the Bag that goes with it? Go to my Etsy shop and check them both out.


I am Harriet said...

I enjoyed reading you post.

Waterrose said...

Great post....oh, and I love sewing! LOL And, you want to add the ability for people to subscribe to your rss feed so that your post drops into their email so they remember to come back and visit your blog.

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

I love to sew too, but don't make the time for it. I'm enjoying your blog and all the pretty pictures of your creativity! You're mind must be constantly working, how cool!

Thanks for stopping my blog :)

Janet Campbell said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. You have an awesome blog! I love your template. I also like your creations. I wish I had more time to sew. I have 3 sewing machines and all are dusty!
I tried to follow you but the button wasn't working.
Many Blessings