Sunday, January 4, 2009

Late Autumn in Tennessee the Duster

I don't know if you remember in November I did a blog post about a certain piece of fabric that I created and I had a poll to see if I could get an idea of what to do with the fabric. Well I will tell you which idea won, It was the kimono style jacket. I made a long kimono style duster. It was hard to decide because it was quite a big piece of fabric. So the duster won and it is now listed in my Etsy shop. Go over to the other blog post and see what the fabric looked like before and now see what it looks like now.
I have been sewing for many years and I am always amazed at how beautiful fabric is when it is uncut. Then you cut it and sew it and walla you have this beautiful garment. I will always be amazed at what a piece of fabric can do for your spirit.


Crystal Raen said...

What a beautiful creation! Also thanks so much for adding my button to your blog!

Cheryl said...

Happy New Year Stormee! Love it you are just so gifted. Please stop by my blog and enter in my Give Away.

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl..Snatch JOY!

Lenox Knits said...

Wow. that is seriously stunning. I really love your patchwork work also.

Crystal Raen said...

I gave you an award, its on my blog :-) enjoy. LOL.

EccentricPastiche said...

I love this... it's so remarkable!