Thursday, January 15, 2009

No TV for the Last Month

My husband and I made a decision in December to let our Direct Tv go. We decided that we could no longer afford the internet and Direct TV so one had to go so we decided to let the Direct TV go. We both agree that we get more work done than we ever did. I have been studying my Bible more and have been getting lot's of sewing done. And best of all we both sleep better. We never had a tv in the bedroom anyway. My husband said that he misses the football games and the World news most of all, but he has been catching a lot of news on the internet. I would rather have the internet than tv any day. My husband started school and he really gets alot of studying done for school as well. We listen to music. I got out all my oldies but goodies reggae, and blues cds today and we had a good time. We talk even more than before, my husband is very talkative he can talk on any subject and I never get bored. He is funny too. So it has been a month and I have crocheted 2 doilies, did about $100 worth of alterations (this week). Life is different without tv and I love it.

Oh yes here is another skirt that I made out of a pair of jeans. The jeans belong to a very happy customer in Georgia. I am getting quite a lot of orders for these skirts. It is easy to fit the skirts because usually if the jeans fit well then the skirt is a great fit. This customer wanted pleats in the back of hers, and she wanted to wear it with her red boots.

I also wanted to share this picture with all my blog readers, it is a picture of the front window at the consignment store that I work in. And yes, you guessed it that is my "sudoku puzzle quilt" draped over the seat. Now isn't that a beautiful window?


Crystal Raen said...

Yeah, I never miss TV that much :-) Hubby and I did without it for 2 years when we were first married and are doing without again, for your same reasons. Internet or television. Tho there are a few shows that I miss and I usually catch them at or on the network it airs on's website. all have some shows that they show online, it is usually under "free episodes" so if you really want to see a show one day, try those out.

twenty pound tabby said...

Except for the debates, we haven't watched any network TV in over two years. We do get videos from Netflix, and that's it.

One Love For All said...

wow!! gorgeous pleats! i've never seen a jeans skirt made this way before. so inspiring!